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The Best of British BBQ Team formed in 2005 to raise awareness of British BBQ and compete and put Britain at the heart of the BBQ World!

The team has represented Britain at over 9 international prestigious BBQ competitions including the American Royal Barbecue Contest and the Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue Championships to becoming accepted as the major force in British BBQ.

The Best of British BBQ team is non-profit making and encourages the education and development of world class barbecue. Their BBQ Trademark and knowledge is used in product development and master classes for many retail and foodservice companies.

What do we offer our sponsors?

Brand Awareness & Profile

Award winning creative experience gathered in renowned businesses throughout the world

-    Experienced retail development

-    Creative Chef Team developing commercially viable products, quickly and efficiently

-    Identifying and implementing market opportunities

-    Providing NPD strategic assistance

-    Managing major new category projects

-    Training and development of NPD teams


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